Dukan Diet Alcohol

Most of us enjoy a glass of wine (or two, or three…) now and again. Unfortunately the Dukan Diet alcohol allowance doesn’t provide for much enjoyment.

The Dukan Diet alcohol policy is another case where more information can be found online than in the official Dukan Diet book. Again, I encourage you to keep up with Dr. Dukan’s latest tweaks to his diet by regularly checking his official site.

Dr. Dukan’s official stance on alcohol is that it must be completely avoided during the Attack and Cruise phases of the diet. In the Consolidation phase, dieters can enjoy small amounts of wine during their “celebration meals”. Normal alcohol consumption may return in the stabilization phase, but should be enjoyed in moderation.

As far as cooking, Dr. Dukan does allow alcohol in cooking as alcohol evaporates due to heat. He recommends not using alcohol for cooking until the Cruise phase, during which 3 Tablespoons per day are allowed.

Dr. Dukan does note that not all alcohols are created equal. Wine, for example, can help improve cardiovascular health. For this reason, Dr. Dukan suggests two glasses of wine per day in the Stabilization phase. Other alcohol, including beer, spirits and ciders do not provide such health benefits and should be carefully monitored.

Dukan Diet Alcohol Tips & Tricks

A common question at this point is “what if I have an event to attend”? “What if it’s a holiday?” The key here is to make it through the first two phases of the diet without consuming alcohol. I found the following tricks helped me avoid alcohol in situations where I might normally enjoy a drink or two:

  • Sip carbonated water. Nearly every bar has this available, and the bubbles make the drink a little more fun that flat water. There are also several “flavored” varieties available in cans at the grocery store.
  • Try hot tea. If you normally enjoy winding down with a glass of wine each night, try brewing your favorite type of herbal tea instead.
  • Make infused water. Put lemons, limes or your favorite fruit in a pitcher of water and let is sit for a few hours. The infusion of fruit in the water tastes amazing during the first two phases of the Dukan Diet when fruits must be avoided.
  • If you slip up, don’t dwell on it. Jump right back on the wagon the next day!

If you’d like more information, the official Dukan Diet website has an FAQ page that includes many questions on the Dukan Diet alcohol policy.