Dukan Diet Fruit

Fruit is healthy for you, but is it allowed on the Dukan Diet? The answer is: it depends. The Dukan Diet fruit allowance is a bit confusing, as it is not specifically laid out in the book.

Why is Dukan Diet fruit restricted? Fruit contains a lot of sugar. Although it is natural sugar, it can still slow down the body’s weight loss process that comes from eating pure protein and vegetables.

Dukan Diet Fruit Allowance by Phase

During the Attack phase, you are allowed one tablespoon of Goji berries per day. In fact, Dr. Dukan recommends this daily to help fight constipation and keep you energized.

During the Cruise phase, you are allowed one tablespoon of Goji berries on pure protein days and two tablespoons on protein and vegetable days. In addition, 100g (a little less than 1/2 cup) of rhubarb is allowed. Rhubarb contains helpful levels of Vitamin C and magnesium.

In the Consolidation phase, the Dukan Diet fruit allowance is two servings of allowed fruits per day. It is recommended that you eat two servings every day during this phase (with the exception of pure protein days).

Finally, in the stabilization phase, you are free to eat whatever you’d like, and Dr. Dukan recommends a minimum of 3 servings of fruit per day. He does caution that you should keep your fruit consumption in check, and avoid eating an excess of very sugary fruits such as cherries and bananas.

If you are in one of the early Dukan Diet phases, you might be craving fruit or a sweet treat. Remember that the Dukan Diet allows for sugar free jello and sugar free candy treats to keep your cravings in check until the later phases of the diet.

You might be asking why you couldn’t find this information in the Dukan Diet book. Dr. Dukan has been posting updates and modifications to his diet on his official website. For more information, see the official Dukan Diet website.