Dukan Diet Attack Phase

The Dukan Diet Attack Phase is the first 2-10 days of the diet, depending on how much weight you are looking to lose. This is the most restrictive, and therefore most difficult, phase of the program. Food is limited to primarily lean, high-protein meat and dairy products. The goal of this phase is to send your body into ketosis, a state in which your body becomes a fat-burning metabolic machine.

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Length

The guidelines for the length of this phase are as follows:

  • <10 pounds: 1-2 days
  • 10-20 pounds: 3 days
  • 20-40 pounds: 5 days
  • >40 pounds: 7-10 days

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Foods

During the attack phase, you can eat an unlimited amount of 72 lean protein sources, as well as 1.5 Tablespoons of oat bran per day. Click here to view a full Dukan Diet Attack Phase food list. The key to this phase is to keep the meat lean; that means that you must avoid using additional oils and fats during the cooking process.

In addition to food, you should be drinking at least 1.5L of water per day in order to help flush fat out of the system. This is the equivalent to approximately 7 cups of water per day.

The book also recommends introducing some light exercise, such as walking 20 minutes per day. If you are on a more difficult exercise regime, consider cutting back for a few days. This phase of the diet is quite an adjustment, and you might find it difficult to complete high-impact workouts.

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Tips

This is the most restrictive and difficult phase of the Dukan Diet. Here are some tips that have helped me make it through the Attack Phase:

  • Have a variety of allowed protein sources on hand. You might think that you LOVE chicken, but trust me, after a couple days of eating chicken all day, you will get sick of it. Have a variety of meats at home so that you don’t end up reaching for the chips or other high-carb items.
  • Make water a treat. Infuse your water with lemon, lime or strawberries.
  • Eat often. If you have been eating a lot of carbs, this phase might come as quite a shock to your system. Eat often to avoid getting hungry and to increase your chances of success.
  • Plan ahead. Find a variety of Attack Phase recipes that look good to you before you start this phase.
  • Read the book before you start the diet. The book is an essential resource to help you understand WHY the diet works and WHY you are restricting your food intake. I found that knowing the philosophy and science behind the diet made it much easier to stick with it. Of course, come back to Dukan Diet Questions when you need additional information!