Dukan Diet Phases

There are four phases in the Dukan Diet: Attack Phase, Cruise Phase, Consolidation Phase and Stabilization Phase. The Dukan Diet phases are designed in order from most restrictive to least restrictive. The idea is to lose weight in the first two phases, then slowly return to “normal” eating patterns. If all phases are followed correctly, you will in theory not gain back the weight lost during the diet, which is a common pitfall of other diet plans.

Dukan Diet Phases Overview

Here is a brief overview of each phase of the Dukan Diet. Click on any phase to learn more.

  • Attack Phase – the first and most restrictive phase of the diet. Eat unlimited amounts of 72 specific proteins. This phase lasts between 2-10 days, depending on how much weight you need to lose.
  • Cruise Phase – the second phase of the diet brings some vegetables into the mix. In this phase, you alternate between pure protein days and protein + vegetable days. This phase lasts as long as it takes you to reach your desired weight.
  • Consolidation Phase – the third phase signals the end of the weight loss phases. In the Consolidation Phase, you are allowed to eat vegetables every day, as well as one serving of fruit and some starchy foods. The protein list is also expanded to allow fattier meats. This phase lasts 5 days for every 1 pound lost.
  • Stabilization Phase – the last phase of the diet is a return to “normal” eating. You are allowed to eat anything you’d like, but must have one Pure Protein day per week. In theory, this phase lasts your entire life, allowing you to maintain your new, lower weight.

As you progress through the diet, be sure to read up on each upcoming Dukan Diet Phase. I’ve found that preparation and knowledge is the key to making it through this diet. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to stick with it!