The Dukan Diet exercise requirements are not particularly strenuous, but must be done every day. The requirements vary according to which phase of the diet you are in.

Dukan Diet Exercise: The Basics

In the Attack Phase (first phase), 20 minutes of daily walking is required.

In the Cruise Phase (second phase), the Dukan Diet exercise requirement is increased on 30 minutes per day. This helps kick-start weight loss and keep your metabolism going strong.

In the Consolidation Phase (third phase), the walking requirement is decreased to 25 minutes per day. In this phase you are focused on getting your body used to your new weight rather than losing more weight.

In the Stabilization Phase (fourth phase), you should maintain at least 25 minutes of walking per day, and should always use the stairs. That means no more elevators or escalators!

Although Dukan Diet exercise is technically required daily, we all know that things happen. It rains, you have a packed day, you get sick. Just exercise as many days as possible and don’t beat yourself up if you miss one day; one day of exercise will not derail your entire diet!

A common question is: “What if I want to do more exercise than is prescribed in the diet”? The answer is that it is really up to you. If you feel like you have enough energy to get through a long run or an exercise class, by all means go for it. This will only help speed up your weight loss.

However, keep a close eye on how you are feeling during your workouts. If you start to feel dizzy or weak, stop immediately and take a break. The Dukan Diet affects each individual differently, so some will find it very difficult to work out and others will have no problem maintaining a more vigorous workout routine.